Last Life Crisis

Last Life Crisis is an upcoming webcomic series by Red Spectacle. The series is categorized as an epic fantasy adventure, as it follows the political and warmongering landscape of the Empire of Pangea. 

The story’s leading characters, Kiah and Kaizo, were childhood friends both living in the Imperial Capital. However their relationship is tragically cut short when Kiah is executed by the Royal guards for trespassing onto the Emperor’s garden. Disgusted by the murder of this innocent child, entities from the Pangean spirit realm offer Kiah a chance at resurrection. The catch? 

The world was doomed to end anyways shortly after she came back to life. Faced with this devastating knowledge, the spirits give Kiah 100 lives to discover and prevent whatever is creating the apocalypse. After failing to achieve this goal 99 times, Kiah is now in dire straits as she attempts to keep ahold of the last life the spirits have gifted her.