Will Capitalism ever Kick the Bucket?

  No one can predict the future, so it is impossible to say for certain if capitalism will die out. However, some experts believe that capitalism may become less prevalent in the future, as more countries move towards socialism or communism. There are numerous reasons why capitalism may finally kick the bucket within the next century or so. For starters, so-called “advanced” capitalist countries are … Continue reading Will Capitalism ever Kick the Bucket?

The Destruction of Roe vs Wade has been Decades in Making


In the past, abortion has largely been ignored by presidential candidates in favor of other issues. In 2016, despite strong statements on reproductive choice being important to many of the Democratic Party’s voters, abortion was still a frequently overlooked topic. Because of the lack of attention, activists have campaigned for years to get politicians to even bring up abortion in speeches.

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A Brief Summary of MLK’s Socialism

  The socialist mentality of Dr. Martin Luther King has been slowly whitewashed in the decades following his death. So let’s take a brief moment to remember his dedication to class struggle in the fight against poverty and discrimination.   As man who was a paragon of virtue and justice, Martin Luther King Jr. wrote this letter. He understood the value of an image, and … Continue reading A Brief Summary of MLK’s Socialism

starving artist poverty old man brown paintingThe Poor Poet

Why too many Artists Give Up on Professional Careers

Thumbnail: Carl Spitzweg, “The Poor Poet” (A.K.A. Der arme Poet) circa 1839. A classic depiction of the starving artist. 

According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 20% of American workers are self-employed artists, musicians, or photographers. And yet these fields are respectively responsible for just 8% and 4% of the nation\’s income. When we compare the number of people who have quit their jobs in these three areas to the number of people who are still working in them, we can see that there is a pretty big gap between those who want to be an artist and those that stick to the program. 

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Food Insecurity in the U.S.


If you are able and willing, there are plenty of ways to help combat malnutrition and food insecurity in the US. You can find a list of USDA approved hunger relief organizations here.

In the wealthiest nation on earth, at least 38.3 million of its citizens struggle against hunger. The United States Department of Agriculture defines food insecurity as being… 

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